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We are all spending more time in our homes!


You’ve been looking at those similar four walls for months, knowing that there is more potential to the space, however you need help to figure out how to bring your Fort Myers home to life!


The next step is to make your house feel like a home — relaxing, cozy, and warm — but starting this undertaking can be overwhelming. Expressing your style, wants, and needs all at once. The big box stores have the same old products that all of your friends and neighbors have. 


Now is the time to let Joy and Harmonie Interior Design help you make your house a home. 

Whether you want to design your entire home, tackle a bigger project that includes remodeling, or take it room by room, interior design is a very personal service and we can help with all of those services. Connecting you with our network of highly qualified contractors to make this process a breeze!

Every Fort Myers and Sanibel interior design project is approached with your specific wants and needs at the forefront of every decision being made. We have streamlined our process to keep your project moving forward, with the utmost transparency and cost in mind. The outcome will be a worry free process, you set the budget, and we will deliver.  


Your home should be a reflection of you!

You will find from our portfolio, we simply do not follow a standard style for every project we are involved in.  During our consultation for your Fort Myers project, we will help pinpoint your style and the best design that fits your personality

We believe that your home should be comfortable, An yes, you can have it all. Our key ingredient is being able to listening to your individual needs, once we do that, our job is to design that creative board and project that suits you! 

Your house is the backdrop for your family and your life. It needs to reflect your style and lifestyle. 

Here at Joy and Harmonie Interior Design, we are passionate to providing individualized custom design services. We will do this while providing that personalized residential Fort Myers, FL service on time and within your budget constraints. 


If you want your house to look like everybody else’s, or prefer an interior design experience with somebody who takes themselves way too seriously, we are not for you!


however, if you want a custom solution to your residential property needs, Call us today to start our custom interior design process! 


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The Advantages of Selecting an Interior Design Professional

Fort Myers Interiors, a Ft. Myers, Florida home interior design firm, is a privately owned and operated furniture business that offers premium quality interior furnishings for all rooms in the house. Started in 2019 as an old-time locally owned furniture shop that sold only used furniture, the company has grown to become one of the most popular and reputable home interior design firms in the Tampa area. They are committed to offering the finest in home furnishings, accessories, and home improvement equipment through creative design and manufacturer sourcing.


ForT Myers Interiors designs its products through high-end technology with a focus on producing only the best quality interior design furnishings. Focusing their production on handcrafted furniture with unique fabrics, Fort Myers interior design is synonymous with crafting elegant and stylish furnishings. The company’s current offerings are geared toward homeowners who want an eclectic blend of classic design and modern style. There are several collections that are perfect for an eclectic family or a more focused home interior design. Many of their collections are also ideal for the hospitality industry, particularly for resorts and hotels. The Fort Myers line is designed to coordinate with the interior design of any type of home, condo or vacation home.


Most of the company’s offerings come in four categories: eco-friendly furnishing, modular design, cottage styles, and antique and classic. Eco-friendly furnishing is built from salvaged or reclaimed sources and provides energy efficiency as well as minimizing waste through careful selection of fabrics and colors. A modular home interior design is a customized home furnishing solution that allows the consumer to create a customized look with the products already selected and delivered. Cottage styles follow the same philosophy as modular but are slightly more personalized and allow homeowners to design a more cozy living space. Antique and classic styles provide the perfect blend of elegance and charm, and can be further customized through the use of a variety of products and fabrics.


Fort Myers has a reputation for its topnotch customer service and they are more than willing to help homeowners create a home interior that is perfect for them. Whether it is an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic styles or a strictly contemporary home interior design, interior designers at Fort Myers have you covered. In addition to offering talented designers, the company has taken great steps to ensure that customers’ home interiors are safe and environmentally sound. They implement high levels of security throughout their facility. Each of the company’s interior design professionals undergo extensive training and certification to ensure that they are up to the task of transforming homeowners’ homes into satisfying and energy efficient rooms.


Another advantage of selecting a Fort Myers home interior design professional is that they are very familiar with the local building codes. They know how to navigate the complex system of city codes and regulations to ensure that the home interior design project is both compliant and safe. This not only guarantees compliance with city code but also protects the homeowner from unforeseen costs and repairs in the future. It is very likely that homeowners will experience some unexpected obstacles along the way that they may not have considered. These professionals are often eager to offer advice and guidance so that potential clients do not experience any problems along the way.


When choosing a Fort Myers interior design professional, it is important to check out references and check out the portfolio of the company. It is also helpful to speak with several interior design specialists and to see what projects they have completed. Interior designers at Fort Myers are committed to making the home interior design process easy and painless for the client. They use only the highest quality products and materials, they carefully plan the design, and they make sure that all the details of the project are perfect. If you have your own unique vision for your home interior design, Fort Myers might be the ideal place for you.